Sunday, November 30, 2008

Compact Photo Studio

One thing we don't have in our home studio is ANY spare room. Our livingroom is our studio and consists of a sofa and TV surrounded by equipment, tools, storage cabinets , work tables and materials. In deciding where to photograph our crafts we had to clear out a leaking water cooler and set up a tote against the wall with a seamless background (big sheet of white paper taped to the wall). I purchased a Lowel EGO Digital Imaging light (about $125.00). This compact studio light literally transformed my photography. I supplement the lighting with a shadeless lamp fitted with a daylight temp flourescent bulb. I mount my camera on a tripod and zoom in via macro lens, displaying my jewelry on various textured surfaces such as a bowl of white sand with sea shells, a bowl of fine gravel with little tree branch and stones, a piece of striated sandstone, white marble and petrified wood. I'm always on the lookout for new surfaces to shoot on. I tryed various fabrics for a while but found them inferior. My photo studio takes up about 24" X 15".

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