Monday, December 20, 2010

Winner of Dichroic Bracelet!

We have drawn a winner via random drawing (, and the winner is Blogger 409cope (we don't know her real name yet) from Ontario Canada. She has been informed via email. We wish to thank everyone who entered our drawing. We plan to do more promotions and giveaways over the Winter months so keep watching!
Thanks again!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dichroic Bracelet Giveaway And BOGO Sale

 I've neglected my blog for far too long! But what better way to get blog busy again than to give something away? We're having a random drawing for this beautiful Caribbean Blue And Purple Dichroic bracelet. 13 alternating cabochons on an 8" silver plated linked bracelet. Links can be removed to shorten to desired length. This has been our most popular color combination for bracelets. We're also having a Buy one get one free sale at our shop at which will last until Dec 20th. See the shop announcement there for details. The drawing for this bracelet will also take place on Dec. 20th at 12 midnight. HERE'S HOW TO ENTER!!

1 .Visit and/or Come back here and leave comment listing the item that you would like to see in the next giveaway. Please provide the name and item # of the item you'd like to see in the next giveaway. You may select as many items as you like but please list each item on a separate comment .  Each comment = one entry.

2.Blog, Twitter, Facebook this giveaway and leave comment for each action with link. Comment = one entry.
3.Follow blog and leave comment. Comment = one entry
4. This giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere.

Have fun and good luck!

Monday, June 21, 2010


A winner was drawn this morning via and her name is Adriane Coros of Long Beach, CA. Thank you to all who participated in this giveaway. We will be tallying all the requests for our next giveaway item and will announce the next giveaway in the near future. Helix Elemental Studio will be introducing new designs and incorporating new materials, such as silver, copper, bronze, etc over this next few months.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fused Glass Owl Pendant Giveaway (And BOGO Sale)

In the previous giveaway at Helix Elemental Art Spot we asked the paticipants which item they would like to see in the next giveaway. Well, the item most mentioned sold, but we still have the second most mentioned item, which was the Mint Green and Magenta Owl Pendant. The winner of this giveaway will be selected on the first day of Summer June 21st. This corresponds with the end of the buy one get one free sale which is going on now at Helix Elemental Studio.
This whimsical little owl has been made from layers of mint green glass with the breast portion cut from magenta glass. The eyes are white and green and the beak was made from orange glass. These little owl pendants get comments wherever they show up. What can we say? Owls are cute!

1 1/2" X 3/4". 3.8CM X 2CM.
18" black satin cord with a silver plated barrel clasp.

You can enter as often as you like. Here's how:

1.Visit and/or Come back here and leave comment listing the item that you would like to see in the next giveaway. Please provide a link. You may select as many items as you like but please list each item on a separate comment with link. Each comment = one entry.

2.Blog, Twitter, Facebook this giveaway and leave comment for each action with link. Comment = one entry.

3.Follow blog and leave comment. Comment = one entry

4. This giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere.

Have fun and good luck!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Pure Dichroic Jewelry
When I very first began dabbling in fused glass jewelry making I was very sparing in the amount of dichroic I would use. Often nothing more than a small chip as an accent for a pair of post earrings. I guess I wanted to get as much out of this relatively expensive material as I could. It also took me many months to discover which dichroic materials were useful in the design ideas I had. I like to use dichroic glass in a way that imparts a sort of gem like quality to the glass. I like the colors of the glass beneath the dichroic layer to show though, which is why I rarely use dichroic on black. You can buy dichroic glass on black glass or on clear glass. Yet even some of the clear glass dichroic coatings are too opaque to allow the lower layers to show through. Whenever I ended up with this sort of dichroic I would usually use it for etching (which is also the ONLY reason I would buy black glass dichroic).
As I began to experiment more and more with this fascinating material, as well as view the work other dichroic artisans were doing, I realized I needed to get much more liberal with my use of dichroic glass.
One day I wondered what an all 100% pure dichroic piece would look like, so I made one, and I was really happy how it looked. I also enjoyed how baffled people were that saw it and tried to figure out what it was made from. At our local craft fairs we discovered that there were relatively few people who even knew of dichroic glass. I'd tell them it was dichroic and they would think I said acrylic. Eventually I finally came up with a quick and not too technical explaination of what dichroic is. "It is a high tech optical coating that adds sparkle and gemlike qualities to glass". Of course it actually does more than that. It changes colors depending on the angle viewed or lighting conditions.
The pure dichroic pieces I offered at our Summer long craft fair did quite well, so I began to make more. With just the right combination of dichroic layers you could have a very striking piece. With the wrong combination you have a dud. While I still make duds, I make far fewer than I used to, now that I know which materials do what.  If the top layer of your piece is more opaque than all the lower layers, you have a dud, and have wasted all the lower layers.
My favorite all dichroic heart pendant belongs to my wife Christina. I did not make note of the materials used to make it and haven't been able to make another like it. I've made a few similar, but none as colorful as hers.
My most recent pure dichro piece is an owl pendant I'd planned for a while, but I needed just the right combination and variety of dichroic glass to bring out the owls features. The body is made from two layers of  yellow/violet dichroic. The breast  and eyelids are made from magenta/green Dichro Magic, the eyes are made from a pink/silver and the beak is Candy Apple Red dichroic. As the craft fair season is fast approaching I'll be making more and more all dichro items. Having a big, sparkling, colorful all dichroic pendant displayed right at the front of your booth really catches the eyes of those passing by.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Before Jewelry

Years ago when I was still welding for a living I hoped for a day when I might have a shop of my own and make custom iron furniture. For a while we did dabble in such products. I would design, fabricate and weld the metal parts and Christina and I would mosaic the tops together. We also did mirrors of steel and mosaic tile. Marketing and shipping nightmares made us rethink our options. Eventually I took a class in stained glass work followed by a class in glass fusing, which natually led to my fixation on dichroic jewelry. Many of the earlier creations still adorn our home. Here are some photos of a few.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Christina and I are both in love with creating beautiful objects,and while we often share in idea's and insiprations we have usually worked in seperate mediums. We do have some stunning mosaic mirrors and tables we made together (most of which adorn our home) but when it comes to painting or drawing I'm sorrowfully inadequate. Christina does not particulaly love making jewelry either. Recently I've looked over some of her whimsical sketch pad doodles and we realized we could make jewelry from some of these cute characters she draws. It started with an owl, then a worm and then a pony. I take the drawing an scan it into Photoshop. Then I work out how I can layer the piece so it has all or most of the characters features but yet isn't too thick (or big) to wear as a pendant or earrings. I then print out a template as a guide line to cut around. I glue this template to the glass and coat with rubber cement. The rubber cement helps to waterproof the glass so the template doesn't dissolve in the continuous water which cools the glass saw I use to cut out the glass. After the pieces are cut I assemble them with one or both of two kinds of glue. If I'm gluing two layers of glass together that must have exact matching edges I use super glue and then grind or saw around the perimeter so the edges are flush. There is only one brand of super glue (that I'm aware of) that will not leave an ugly residue when it burns off in the kiln, and that is Duro Super Glue (not the gel). Other pieces are held in place with any of the more common pink glass glues (such as Bullseye Glasstac). Then I simply fire the assembled piece at a low fire (tack fuse) which fuses the glass together yet retains the shape.
Christina has several sketches that I've yet to make into jewelry but I have plans to do so in the near future. So far our most popular creation has been the owl pendant and earrings.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to Select the Best Wedding Band for your Marriage

Marriages are made in heaven and to make this day unforgettable in every person’s life, certain traditions have been followed since ancient times. One of such customs is wearing a wedding band. The shine and glitter of the wedding bands remains the same even after the fun and gaiety of the marriage fades away, reminding you of the wedding vows of eternal love.

As wedding bands are very special to you, similar to wedding rings, you could well choose from the best in the market. Many leading stores offer you a wide range of wedding bands to pick from; for example, if you want your jewels to be sparkling and showy, opt for a golden wedding band with a rosy-pink or yellow-gold shade. You can also opt a platinum band if you want to gift an exotic wedding gift to your partner.

Check if your partner loves stone-studded jewelry. Then, choose a band with bright and unique diamond stones. Eternity wedding bands are a perfect complement to your engagement or wedding ring.

To add more uniqueness to your wedding band, you can choose a common element for wedding bands. The designs may not match but you can choose the same metal for bands for both of you.

Once you have decided about the metal that the band should be made of, you just need to go to a popular and trustworthy jeweler. He would provide you with catalogs of awesome collections of wedding bands, such as Celtic or Trinity wedding bands, uniquely carved and designed to rightly make your wedding unforgettable and the most cherished memory of your lifetime.

This article was written by Elaine, who writes various articles on Fashion and Jewelry. This article is about appealing wedding bands. She would love to hear from you at

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Winner of Earring Giveaway...Shelley Zurek!

After examining all entries into this months giveaway I selected via random number generator this months winner, Shelley Zurek of Clarkston MI. Shelly has not only entered all of our past drawings she even hosted one on her blog .
We didn't get nearly as many entries as in past drawings, but we are not be discouraged and will continue to do more giveaways in the near future.
Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway!
Also, we've decided to EXTEND THE BOGO SALE. We don't know yet for how long, but I'll announce a two day countdown on my Etsy stores shop announcement before I do. We are gearing up for craft fair season and making room for new designs while making our jewelry available at wholesale prices to everyone without a wholesale minimum.
Thanks again to all who participated in this giveaway! Now I guess I should let Shelley know that she won!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New HE Give Away! (And BOGO Sale)

Helix Elemental Studio is having another giveaway, and a buy one get one sale in our Etsy shop which will continue for at least a week (possibly longer). Thanks to all of those who have participated in past giveaways making them a great success. Here is another shot at some colorful dangles. These bold contrasts seem to have a glow of their own when dichroic glass is added. These striking dangles start with opaque turquoise blue and tangerine glass. When pink/teal is layered over orange glass you get an amazing color
that can best be described as hot orange/pink. They are embellished with a white floral cluster with leafy vines climbing upward. These dangles were designed and crafted by Russ Colwell of Helix Elemental Studio. (2" X 3/8". 5CM X 1CM.
Surgical steel ear wires . )

So..if you want to enter this random drawing to be held Sunday, March 7th here's how:

1.Follow my blog and comment here. This equals one entry.

2.If you already follow my blog comment here. This equals one entry.

3. Post contest on your blog and comment here with link. Good for one entry.

4. Visit Browse and comment here with a link to your favorite item. Good for one entry.

5. Post a link to this contest on any social networking site (twitter, Facebook, Ning, etc) Comment here with a link. One entry for each comment with link.

Good luck to all, have fun and win!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winner Of Heart Pendant Giveaway

Thank you all for your participation in our free heart pendant giveaway. A winner was drawn at random this morning and the lucky winner is Rita Lemos of Portugal. Here is a link to her beautiful blog Congratulations Rita!

We will be annoucing a new giveaway in the near future.
Thanks again to all who participated!