Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dichroic Magic

I recently purchased this 4x4 piece of Green/Magenta/Blue Premium Dichroic glass from Artisan Dichroic. It was a bit more pricy than the other "non premuim" solid colors. I can't wait to try it out. Dichroic is supposed to mean "two colors". How many colors can you see?


Other Side said...

after link ...come again, Your Blog is fantastic, congratulations, I will return more times, drop :) smile 4u

Pagan Sphinx said...

Hi! I was excited to see you listed at a follower of Flor Larios art. She is a reader of my blog.

I'm the Gina who recently purchased those beautiful glass earrings from your etsy shop.

Thank you again and again for such nice jewelry and kind interactions around that transaction.

I will tell all my friends about the earrings in a future post!

~ OTBP said...

great stuff! thanks for following me, I love that ghost! robin