Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ghost Gift for Ghost Hunter

Christina and I are both fans of the SciFi Channel series Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. We have both had experiences in the past with haunted locations. I stayed with my brother for three weeks in a very haunted house in Los Gatos, CA back in 1980. Christina and I lived in a haunted apartment complex in South Salt Lake in 2003, and occasionally the ghost would drop by our apartment and freak us out.

We have discussed sending a ghost pendant to TAPS for some time now, and I finally discovered a really cool glass combination of Lacy Transluscent White and a rainbow hued dichroic glass that produces a sort of opalescent appearance.

We addressed the pendant to one of our favorite Ghost Hunters investigators Donna LaCroix (care of TAPS) with a note expressing our fanhood.

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